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Welcome to the one and only fansite for Phantom Wizard, a fantasy/adventure manga by Ohmori Aoi.

Learn all about the series by visiting our Story section, where a general overview, chapter summaries and even a timeline displaying the major events of the series can be found. In our Characters section you can get to know the main cast, secondary characters and additional others. Artwork, fanfiction and videos for Phantom Wizard are all in the Multimedia section, offering fellow fans a look at what was made by fellow fans.

A soon-to-be functioning forum will be available for readers who wish to discuss the manga, the site or anything Phantom Wizard related, and a Contact page is available for anyone wanting to drop us a line. On our links page you will find a list of sites you can visit that are involved with Phantom Wizard, such as the translators' site and places to read the manga.


October 13, 2010
—A new piece of fanart is up for viewing in the Artwork section.