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Mattie is the twin sister of Rudius. She’s a well mannered girl, gracious to people who help her even if she cannot fully trust them. She relies strongly on her brother to get by in life, feeling lost without him nearby. At first glance Mattie seems to love her brother as much as any sister would, but it is quickly revealed that her feelings go much deeper then that of a sibling- she is honestly in love with him. While Mattie has admitted to being concerned with these feelings, her worries were put to rest by Rudius himself. Despite this, Mattie is emotionally and mentally the stronger twin.

Rudius is Mattie’s twin brother. He’s a stubborn boy who doesn’t like to hear people tell him what to do, but is sensible enough to keep himself calm when it’s necessary. Most of his attitude stems from his strong desire to keep his sister safe, giving him an overprotective big brother quality that can be both annoying and endearing. While Rudius first appears to care for Mattie only as a brother, it has been shown that he loves her just as she loves him, telling her at one point that once they’re old enough to decided their own futures, it would be alright to stop being siblings.
Kishiru is a fortune telling woman that decided to join Rudius and Mattie on their travels at the beginning of the story. She quickly forms a strong bond with the two, becoming driven to do anything she can to save them from the fate she sees is in store. She can be described as a classic Fairy Bottle character, often getting drunk during supper time, but she is just as apt at being serious as she is chugging ale. Her fortune telling ability is proven to be the key to saving the twins when her true past as a master stone caster and Ryuuin’s elder sister is revealed to her.
Gashuu is a fire caster from the Shihou Reijukai, which is fitting for his hot-headed personality. While he first appears to be very harsh and perhaps even cruel, he’s noted to be an awkward guy, and is in fact a kind-hearted individual underneath his rough exterior. Three years before the start of the story his elder sister Ishlia died, the circumstances of her final moments leading Gashuu to believe her murderer was a member of the Luciffis. He became obsessed with finding the one responsible for her death, and hated Rudius and Mattie when first meeting them solely because they were also Luciffis.
Narina is a water caster who specializes in healing, and as one would expect of a healer she is kind and compassionate. She claims to have chosen to become a water caster because she loved the teachings of the temple and wished to ease people’s suffering. After Rudius and Mattie help in saving her village, Narina vows to improve herself so she may one day repay them. Although she often cries, it can be said that Narina is a strong-willed character who stands firmly with her beliefs. Even though she is a healer, she can be just as dangerous with her water spells as any other spell caster.
Ryuuin is a master stone caster who appears to spend most of his time sealing malicious monsters caught by the Shihou Reijukai. He’s a sensible man who doesn’t let his emotions get to him quite as much as the rest of the main cast, but that may be because of past experiences. Ryuuin is in fact Kishiru’s brother, and as punishment for breaking a law set by the Reijukai to prevent calamity, her memories were erased. Even so, he’s a good person who wants to see Rudius and Mattie live happily alongside Kishiru.

Jeene is Gashuu’s partner when on missions issued by the Reijukai, and also a fire caster. She’s a mature woman with lots of spunk, and is often scolding Gashuu for something or other. While she does not appear to be as attached to the twins as the others, she bears no grudge against them or the Luciffis, and readily joins the others in saving them. After the story finishes, Jeene is shown to have settled down and started a family, differing her from the rest of the main cast.