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Efiel is the one who killed Cheldovack prior to the start of the story, and also Rudius and Mattie's uncle, although they do not discover this until later. He once sought to make the Shihou Reijukai and the Luciffis understand each other, but after the death of his sister he was taken control of and used to capture the twins.

Ishlia is Gashuu's sister, who was thought to have been killed by a member of the Luciffis. In truth, she gave up her life so she could lend her powers to Efiel, whom she loved. Ishlia was said to be the best fire caster in her village, and Gashuu saw her as the one thing he took pride in.
Cheldovack is the teacher of Rudius and Mattie, as well as caretaker. He was killed shortly before the beginning of the story, but he appears before them in a phantom form a number of times before passing on for good. The twins appear to be very fond of their old teacher, and he of them.
Silverus is the water casters' High Priest, and is part of the group of people who want to save the twins after they are captured by the Luciffis. As a High Priest Silverus is highly skilled in water-based arts, and has demonstrated this on several occasions. He is a generally kind man with a cool, calm personality fitting for his position.
Galeus was the water caster's Guardian Sage, but is quickly revealed to be a traitor working with the Luciffis to capture Rudius and Mattie. He was the one who had brought misfortune to Narina's village before the beginning of the story . Galeus appears to strongly dislike Silverus for his kind ways.