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Rating: T
Genre: General/Romance
Lead Characters: Gashuu & Narina
Summary: Gashuu thinks about his first meeting with the water caster Narina and the changes in their relationship as the years passed.
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To The Hereafter
Rating: T
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Lead Characters: Narina & Gashuu
Summary: Seven years have passed- the wheels of fate begin to turn yet again as a fortune teller's words become truth. After an unexpected reunion, Narina finds herself caught up in a fight within the Reijukai itself, where trustworthy allies are hard to find.
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Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Tragedy
Lead Characters: Ishlia & Efiel
Summary: He was not the man she loved, but even so, she would stay with him. She would be his with the hope that he would one day be Efiel again.
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