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In an age of chaos, the four governing spirits of wind, water, fire, and earth
reigned. There were those who could harness that power to cast spells, and
there were a few who were blessed with the ability to hear the spirits' voices,
and those people were endowed with the ability to control the "Darkness
Rage", "Luciffis" . . .

Twins, Rudius and Mattie, are on the run, trying to escape the Spell-Caster
Monks, who are trying to capture them to take the Luciffis. When the two are
separated, Mattie turns to a fortune teller named Kishiru Mishuru to enlist her
help in locating her missing brother, and that's where the story begins . . .

—Summary from One Manga.

In brief, Phantom Wizard is a fantasy manga. There's spells and explosions,
and a struggle between forces. In the beginning the story focuses on the
siblings Rudius and Mattie, who are being hunted by the Luciffis- a group of
spell casters who control dark magic, aiming to use them for their strong
magical abilities. The organization that opposes the Luciffis and holds
control over most of the world is the Shihou Reijukai. The members of this
organization are able to use dead souls to control the elements, and see the
Luciffis' abilities as evil. The Reijukai is no shelter for Rudius and Mattie,
though, being members of the Luciffis themselves.

Eventually Rudius and Mattie are captured, and the story's focus shifts to their friends attempting to save them. From then on things take a much darker turn, the line between good and evil blurring along with the certainty of Rudius and Mattie's lives.

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