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Over ten years prior to the start of the story
—Kishiru Ryuuin gains forbidden knowledge
—Phantom is born as a result of Kishiru hiding away a fragment of her memories
—The Shihou Reijukai erase Kishiru's remaining memories and exiles her
—Efiel and his sister Lui join the Luciffis in hopes of having the Shihou Reijukai understand them.
—Efiel gains the aid of Ishlia Noun
—A swordsman is sealed by the stone casters of the Shihou Reijukai
—Lui dies in childbirth
—The twins are born

Ten years prior to the start of the story
—Efiel looses his mind and is taken control of by the Luciffis
—The twins Rudius and Mattie are taken to a temple where they are raised by

Five years prior to the start of the story
—Ishlia sets the village of Agnes aflame to help Efiel
—Gashuu begins his hunt for his sister's murderer

Two years prior to the start of the story
—Narina starts her training as a water caster

One year prior to the start of the story
—Cheldovack is killed by Efiel
—Rudius and Mattie begin their life of traveling
—The town of Eludina is placed under a death curse by Guardian Sage Galeus
—Narina's friend Rasferus gives his life to save her

The start of the present-time story
—Kishiru joins Rudius and Mattie on their travels
—The seal is broken on the black crystal
—Rudius reunites with his teacher and caretaker, Cheldovack
—Gashuu and his partner Jeene investigate the origins of the Luciffis spies within the
Shihou Reijukai
—Rudius, Mattie and Kishiru meet with Narina
—The Guardian Sage Galeus is revealed to be a traitor working for the Luciffis
—Eludina's death curse is lifted with the help of the twins
—Rudius, Mattie and Kishiru are invited by the water caster's High Priest Silverus to
be guests at the Shihou Reijukai's cardinal temples
—The party meets with Kishiru's brother, Ryuuin
—The Kalun Summons Temple is attacked by the Luciffis
—Gashuu reunites with his sister
—Efiel is revealed to be the uncle of the twins
—Rudius and Mattie are captured
—Narina leaves Eludina to train with the Mizu Ten